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We have more in common with our proverbial neighbor than we may want to accept. Agreed?

– Arden Joseph, Esq.

Any1townUSA was created to discuss kitchen table issues affecting families. Our posts will hopefully inform and get readers to take action. We will cover a wide range of issues from personal finance, politics, family and lifestyle.  Some topics will have consensus while others will be more contentious. Despite any of those differences, our basic needs are the same. We all want the best for ourselves and families.

Our goal is to move closer to the ideal that more unites us than divides us in Any1townUSA.

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Money Makeover Monday: College Diploma Now What?

Families across America are getting ready to celebrate college graduations! Its a wonderful time to see a loved one adorned in a cap and gown. The day ends years of sacrifice and hard work. Everyone beams with pride as graduates walk across stages to receive diplomas. Graduation also brings a sense of relief from the obligation of paying for college. Whether graduating from a public or private institution, the cost of getting…

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Money Makeover Monday: Got A Budget?

Simply stated, a budget is a spending plan. A budget allows you to know how to balance your income against your expenses for a particular period of time. A monthly budget is the most common. If asked how much money you spend monthly, would you have an answer to that question? Creating a budget will give you the tools to have an answer to that question. So where do you start? 1…

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Money Makeover Monday: Don’t Spend That Refund

Millions of taxpayers expect refunds each year. Taxpayer often start making plans in anticipation of receiving that refund. Too many people are ready to spend their refunds as soon as it hits their accounts. Usually, there is some excitement around getting a refund. But let’s not forget why we get refunds. Refunds are generally received because taxes were overpaid during the previous…

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