Mission Statement

Any1townUSA was created to discuss kitchen table issues affecting families. Our posts will hopefully inform and get readers to take action. We will cover a wide range of issues from personal finance, politics, family and lifestyle.  Some topics will have consensus while others will be more contentious. Despite any of those differences, our basic needs are the same. We all want the best for ourselves and families.

Our goal is to move closer to the ideal that more unites us than divides us in Any1townUSA.


Arden Joseph, Esq., is the publisher and editor of Any1townUSA. Arden holds a Bachelor’s of Science in Finance and a Juris Doctor. Her legal career has taken root at financial institutions as a capital markets attorney.

The blog was launched as a platform to discuss issues concerning people of all communities. We invite our readers to join us as we learn, grow and explore what unites us.